Sorry OLED TV lovers – massive sizes are not going to get a lot less expensive anytime quickly

For those who’ve been tempted to improve your own home theater by way of including one of the most absolute best giant-size OLED TVs, you’ll have temporarily second-guessed the speculation after seeing their costs. 77-inch, 83-inch, and 97-inch OLED TVs are a lot more pricey than maximum LED TVs of the similar length. For instance, the 97-inch LG G2 prices a fab $25,000 / £25,000 / AU$48,000, despite the fact that it is obviously probably the most excessive of the variability.

And sadly, that does not appear to be converting any time quickly. LG Show, which is the only provider of the OLED panels used within the majority of OLED TVs offered, has simply showed that it’s delaying its plans to release a ‘10.5G’ OLED manufacturing facility for FlatpanelsHD (opens in a brand new tab). The following technology ‘10.5G’ manufacturing facility era will have to have the ability to produce greater OLED TV panels extra cost effectively, reducing the cost of biiiiig OLED.

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